Red Line Through Fixture

I just upgraded a new to vista 3 on a new computer. Imported all my old fixtures and cues and everything seems to be working correctly except 1 fixture. I can control the fixture manually if it’s not part of an active cue list. However when it is activated in a cue list, it blinks on and off and the fixture chooser just has a red line blinking through it. It shows up in the dmx patch list and there were no previous issues with this fixture until we migrated. There is also an identical fixture that does not exhibit this issue. Any guidance on what could be wrong or how to fix it would be much appreciated.

That means the shutter is closed. Select the fixtures and go to the Intensity features tab. You will see the shutter buttons, open the shutter and the line will go away.

I followed your instructions and at first, the shutter was already off for that fixture. I turned it on and then back off and the line went away and the light started operating normally. I also had to reset the strobe setting on it even though it was in the 0 position as well to keep it from blinking on and off. Thanks for the guidance!