Newbie needs help

I am an admitted newbie to Light Controls. Not to say I have never used them, in fact, I used the original Vista. But that was years ago. I now am setting up Vista 3 and I was able to get the lights patched and can operate the lights and apply effects without issues. My problems come in when I try to set up cues.
What happens is I set up a cue with several scenes in it and it seems fine. but the problem is when I try to play it back. There is no change from scene to scene. I cannot even tell if the first scene worked or not.
When I play the cue, I can see it play the timing I set, but there is no action with the lights themselves. It works manually, just not with the cues.
I know I am new, but this is a major hurdle to get over and I admittedly am at a loss. I know it’s got to be something simple I am missing, but it is not obvious to me.
Please Help!

On first reading, it seems like your “Live Tab” is still active. On your display, on the top left of the Fixture Chooser view, or Time Line view there should be a couple of tabs. The first one will say “LIVE” and if there is an “X” in that tab, all your lighting information is being sent through that and will override cuelist playback. You can click on the “X” in that live tab, or click on the “Clear” with the “X” in a circle Softkey (Used to be along the top of the display, but is now on the bottom of the display). That will clear out the Live tab and release your fixtures.

If you are having this issue, I will venture to say that you may have been programming in the live tab and not in your cuelist tab. If that is the case your Cuelist may be empty. Go into the TImeline view and make sure there is information for each cue. Even if there is no information in the individual cues, the cues will still play through the timing you set.

Thank you, Theisbr, that was the exact issue I was having. I wasn’t aware I had to clear live for it to work correctly. I am good for now as I dig deeper in my learning journey.
Thank you again!