[FIXED] Cuelist transitions conflicting with intensity faders

whenever i am transitioning to a cuelist if any group faders are up with conflicting values those fixtures will strobe. this is a massive problem as you can imagine and hopefully it is just a bug that can be fixed. this happens with all fixture types even if they don’t have strobe values.

edit: additionally releasing fixtures running effects makes the fixtures fade to %100 then snap to the fader’s intensity (if fader int is > 0) or fade to %0 (if fader is off) then fade to where it should be

edit 2: this was solved in build 21706.

What update are you using? This seemed to happen to me in the original R2 release.

v3 r3 beta.
it is present in both betas AFAIK

Interesting :face_with_monocle:

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i tried to show most of my problems in this video (i apologize for the awful quality)

I think this maybe related to an issue I discovered today as well. Shoot an email over to Vista Support.

The issue is unrelated William. Please see my email reply :slight_smile:

You don’t need to submit a support request just yet @trooper4028 , your post has been noticed but we do prefer these sorts of questions to be submitted officially. Vista Devs are not guaranteed to see all forum posts but we do of course see all support requests.

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@jack.moorhouse thanks! Sorry i didn’t see my email before this! I’ll be quite now hahaha.

@wcvanderburg … ha no problem. We don’t mind.

@trooper4028. You are correct. This was a regression introduced when working on some flash attach and decay new features.

We have fixed your issue overnight and it will be in a future R3 public beta.

@jack.moorhouse awesome thanks