Fixture Chooser Oddness

Seeing very strange behavior with my show. In Fixture Chooser view, If I click on the 100% Magnifier, the view zooms out to the point that all my fixtures are shown as a single dot. Clearly Vista thinks I have another fixture/label located far away from the main cluster, but I can’t find it.

Is there a way to identify where the errant fixture/label is, or do I need to create a new layout tab from scratch?

I would open the layout properties and untick each option until you find that the issues goes away. Then you have found your culprit. Hide or delete it.

Thank you, Jack. Once again, spot on advice. Had to drill down to individual fixtures, but I found a handful of unused dimmers that somehow got unhidden and were way off the main icon cluster.

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The thought that came to mind, was to select all lights in the patch/universe tab, then go back to fixture chooser and see where the extra was, if it was off somewhere. I like Jack’s idea, because it obviously worked!