Presets and visual layout

Hello, I have 2 questions:

I have made a cuelist with the use of color presets. When I run throught the cues, it is possible to monitor the specific color of a specific lighting unit by looking at the “Feature”-tab and the color “wheel”. If I instead open up a quick picker showing the color presets, I would expect that the preset that is in “use” in this specific cue would be somehow visual. Is this not a function or am I doing something wrong?

In the quick picker setting for my color presets, I have chosen the icon view. This gives me a visual indication of the presets. After I changed fixture type in my patch, these presets work, but are not displayed with the color in my quick picker (they are all white). Any ideas?


Hi Peter,

  1. You might be better off using the “output” view for a more explicit view of what fixture is doing what.
    Having said this, we have made some improvement’s in this area in R4. I would expect it to work as you expect when selecting a single fixture. Feel free to check out the beta for yourself, its posted in this post
    Vista 3 R4.0 Public BETA #1 - Now available!

  2. We use the “global” event value for what we display in the presets. Update them with a new global value and they should again work as you expect.

Fantastic, thank you!


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