Preset icons STILL NOT FIXED?

I brought this up MONTHS ago, before V3 public was released. No devs or mods ever responded.

In any quick picker window, the auto-generated color icons are broken, but still there. In the settings, if you set the item view to Icon, you can click on the icon and apply the preset, even though there is no icon. Please fix this asap, some of us prefer these original icons as they take up less space and organize better than the new touch icons.

In the LIVE tab, the green check mark does not appear on applied presets! It does in a cuelist tab. This affects my workflow when busking.

Please fix these asap and give me some form of acknowledgement that this has been read. Thanks

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Hi Cam,

This forum, in addition to the Facebook group, are user groups. They are intended for discussion and to provide a place for the community to be able to assist one another. It is not the place to log official bug reports. The official place for this is here. Feel free to also email us directly at

Whilst members of the Vista team do regularly check this forum and the Facebook pages the fact that you post here doesn’t guarantee that we will see it immediately. Getting in touch officially does, as your email will then sit in our inbox. By all means post here too if you wish to open up the discussion or see if other users have additional suggestions.

Regarding your issues:

  1. These images correctly work for me. Can you please send us a copy of your showfile in addition to an export of the log file zip. This will tell us where your show resources are and your installation path.

If you right click them and press “change icon” and then press “reset to default” does this help?

  1. This is indeed a bug that we are aware of. Your comments have been added to our log #7483


Thanks for the reply Jack. Yes, I tried right clicking > change icon > reset to default and it does not work. Note this is with icon view and icon and label, not label as icon. I’m sending my showfile to Peter rubie.

Understood :slight_smile:
Dont forget the zip logs too. They will tell us your icon resource path.