Vista 3 R4.0 Public BETA #1 - Now available!

Hello everyone!

I am pleased to announce that Vista 3 R4.0 is now ready to enter it’s public beta round of testing.

R4.0 is a major release of software that adds over 200 improvements and new features.
Some stand out features would be:
Support for the NDI protocol. This includes being able to apply it directly to a matrix. See video.
and also to be able to stream in any NDI source as a dockable window. This could be from a media server, visualizer, or even live studio or stage camera. See video 2.

Ableton link support - You can now link FX masters or chases to any other device on the network that supports Ableton Link . This could be a DJ deck, band click track… or of course Ableton.
See video of FX auto in sync with a DJ deck.

The ability to scale cue output to live time - great for live show playback

Numerous GUI improvements and larger elements for touch screen support.


For full details, and to learn of the additional features and fixes, please take the time to read the release notes.

If you would like to take part in our public beta program the software download links can be found below:

Windows build
MacOS build.

Please submit any questions or feedback to “”.

Happy testing!
Best regards