Colour icons missing in preset menu

We use the colour icons in the preset menu on a daily base, but now they seam to be removed from Vista 3 update. The only alternative is to use the text of these icons in order to locate the black spots that are left of the colour icons in this menu. Could you bring these fine icons back in the next update?

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I just posted about it over in the Vista V3 Release page of the forum. Was quite disappointed to see these were missing. They fixed tons and tons of not-so-obvious bugs but they let this one slip? It’s the first thing I noticed when I fired up the official release build.

Have you used the new “Label as Icon” quickpicker setting? That is the new default look for the QP windows and it give you a icon with a color swatch of the preset color.

Yes I did, but it’s not the best replacement option if you work in a poorly lit environment. Large coloured icons are more visible than these green ones with a small coloured corner, Therefore my request remains; could you bring the coloured icons back in the next update?

The label as icon’s take up more room in the quickpickers than the old ones did. Was super helpful having nice big gobo and color icons.