Vista V2 cue list edit not displaying light look

I am running Vista V2 on an older I3 console (2010-ish). I have several cue lists that only have one cue in them. When I bring one of them up in the fixture editor, it won’t show the icons with what they are programmed as. I have to run the cue to get the display to show them correctly.

For example, if my house lights are set at 60%, they used to show in the fixture editor as moderately bright white. If they are set at 100% then they would show as bright white. This would happen whether I was playing the cue or not. Now they always show as black on the fixture editor until I play the cue.

This causes problems with copying, because if I copy from a cue that is not playing, the correct settings will not copy. I have to play the cue in order to copy any of the fixture settings.

I have only recently started doing one cue per list, I’ll explain that in a different post. Is there a user preference somewhere that controls what shows in the fixture editor when I edit a cuelist?

If I’m understanding this correctly …

In V2 if you want to copy cue list events you need to open that cue in edit mode (hold yellow and hit the select button of that list or on screen right click on the cuelist and hit edit)

Once open you can copy the events directly from that cue

In V3 you can do all this with the command line !

I am afraid I dont follow the question either. Can you upload a video?

My first thought was, is your programmer intensity fader up? This would exhibit what I think you described.
By default this is the left hand fader of the superplayback.

Yes, programmer intensity is up. It only seems to be happening when I open a single-cue cuelist. However, I did notice that when I open a multi-cue cuelist, the first cue also shows all of the fixtures as black until I click on the second cue and then click back on the first cue.

Can you submit a support ticket with your showfile?
We will be able to look at it for you.

Is the cuelist assigned to a playback with a fader? If so, is that fader up?

What does the cue look like in the timeline, does it show the intensity?

It’s not assigned to a fader, I’m just bringing it up to edit it. The timeline does show what it should, it’s just the fixture chooser window that isn’t showing any intensities. I’ll set up the incident.

I see that its a block cue

is it a normal block or a super block ? - what happens if you unblock it ?