PC hardware Pixel mapping and Matrix


Which part of the PC hardware, does the Vista software use to calculate pixel mapping/ Matrix effects?

I experience some kind of Lagging or “freezing” of the software when I have a number of pixel fixtures.

In this case the setup is: 24 Astera AX1 in full pixel mode (16 RGBW pixel per fixture) 8 Robe Ledbeam 150 and 11 Prolights studioCOB TW.

If it’s a pc hardware related problem, which part of the hardware should I consider to upgrade?

I would begin by looking at the system RAM size, frequency, and mode. At least 8GB is recommended for Vista. Sometimes it is also easy to shift mismatched RAM around so that it operates at a higher data rate if you are using DDR2, 3, or 4.

@Mikkel.Bedsted It will likely be your processor that is taking a hit when running Matrix effects.

What sort of Matrix effects are you running? Animated gifs? If so at what resolution? If your resolution is really high then this can impact CPU usage.

Also, how many fixture choosers do you have visible? Try limiting these, or turning down the preview refresh rate / detail level. This might help.

Remember you can also network in a second computer and make use of distributed processing, if you have a spare one already on hand.

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