FX Challenge

I have a LED Matrix fixture that has 114 channels. Intensity is on channel 1. LED colors are listed RGBW each on a channel. When i apply an intensity FX to the fixture all channels rise and fall. so the matrix correctly scrolls up and down as i desire them to. However, The intensity channel is doing the same so every 20 beats the overall fixture intensity is rising and falling. I need a way to build a intensity FX where the fixture intensity stays at full.
Channel 1 - intensity
Channel 2 - Red
Channel 3 - Green
Channel 4 - Blue
Channel 5 - White
Channel 6 - Red
Channel 7 - Green
and so on.

Any thoughts?

Can you share the fixture name (if in library) or fixture profile u are using? Just checked with custom led matrix 3x3 + global dimmer and it works as you expect.
Maybe try to select pixels individually and see what happens - does it still behave the same?

Patch it as separate RGBW Fixtures and one Generic dimmer as a master,

when you make your FX only select the RGBW elements and leave the Master at full !

Let me know if this works :slight_smile: