MatrixFX, pixelmapping

HI There,
last night i was struggling because i couldn’t find a way to change the colours of my led bars while an intensity fx was running on the matrix, also i wasn’t able to control intensity of the intensity fx.
This morning sitting in front of the desk with a nice cup of coffe i understood that i’m actually a bit mental and i was doing everything wrong (in vista), actually last night i wanted to have some white pixels running through my matrix with a background colour, everytime a tried to change the colour anyway i was changing obviously the pixel one and if i tried changing all the bars colours, obviously again, i covered the intensity fx too.
What in fact is necessary to do in pixelmapper to abtain this kind of fx is creating a swing colour mix fx, in this way i’m able to control the background colour and at the same time have my white pixel running through it (white or other colour). just recorded a small video in case someone else is interested in this, i can’t upload it on the forum so i had to put on the tube here:

Thank you and sorry if a wrote something so obvious.