Effects look choppy

Hello y’all,

I’ve got a moving head fixture, Rogue 2x Spot running on the highest channel mode (21ch). Curious if anyone has experienced their dimmer effects looking choppy or steppy. Similar experience in pan-tilt effects, when running slowly. I usually program on a MA2 and have never had issues with smoothness when manipulating size or speed. Any help or suggests as to how to fix this?


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How are they programmed ?

Fixed base point or free effect it could be conflicting with something else running at the same time etc

I have the same issue with dimmer effects on all my fixtures, everything from cheap LED-bars to Mac 700 to dimmers. It’s like the effects lag and loses a frame. I’ve also experienced effects suddenly being off the beat, even though the BPM is exactly right (i have even checked this with a metronome). All of this is happening both in cuelists and in the programmer.

I’m using global effects built in to the system. You would think they would be simple and effective. I wouldn’t imagine wanting an effect that looks this choppy. Can we link any developers into this conversation? This is an effect I use a lot and I’ve purposely have had to hold back from using it.

@jack.moorhouse @ben.coleman

Thease are the brilliant people that should be able to shed some light on your situation, but I would send your show file, export your logs and a video of your issue to support.

@Robert_Price is correct.

Whilst the developers monitor this forum, we don’t actively use this as our support mechanism.

Submit a support ticket.

Please provide:

Copy of your showfile
Vista version you are using
Video of the problem in real life - does the Vista fixture chooser mimic what you are seeing.
photograph/screen shots of the Vista statistics window.

For the record we have no known issues with FX playback rates.

We will be able to troubleshoot with you via the support emails.