One Light Will not Change Color

I have 6 stage lights. One of the lights is stuck on yellow. No matter what I change the color pattern to, the light remains yelloww. The other lights will change color.

Why is this happening?

In order to provide further assistance on this, we’re going to need a bit more information.

Is the light only misbehaving physically? Or if you look at the fixture in the fixture chooser window, is it not changing colors properly there either?

Can you provide a copy of your showfile? Locate the file and upload it to your forum post.


+This sounds like a defective DMX address or fixture control board failure.
Recheck the settings on the fixture to determine that it is properly set for both control mode and DMX address.

See that the patch and the fixture have the same DMX address.

Hi! I am new to DMX and Vista. Can you show me or tell me where to go to recheck the settings on the fixture to be sure its properly set for both control mode and DMX address? I am not sure where to do this?

Could it be a bad LED bulb?

Hi Drew -
I am just now seeing this post. When i change colors on the color wheel. All the others lights change colors. The yellow light will change purple but still have a yellow tint to it. I’ll have to find the “fixture chooser window.”

Let me try and provide a copy of our showfile. Not sure how to do this - Thanks, Jamie

Please give the make and model for your fixture to help us direct you.

A copy of your showfile would be nice but if you’re having a hard time with that, try uploading some screenshots of the problem.

In the top left corner of the screen, there is a row of 6 buttons that control what window you’re looking at. By default you’re probably in the fixture chooser window, which is the one I have selected in the image below.

To help us troubleshoot this, take a screenshot with the fixture chooser window selected (like in the image above) and upload it to your next forum post. Then click the patch button (the first button on the left in the image above) and take another screenshot and upload it. That will help us understand your setup.

As ttheatremgr mentioned, most likely it has to do with the settings on the fixture itself. However, we need to know how the fixture is configured in vista in order to help you change the settings on the fixture. That’s why we need either a copy of your showfile or those screenshots I asked for. Additionally, if you take a picture of your stage with your phone and upload it to your next post, that would help out tremendously.

Once we’ve got those pictures, we should be able to provide some instructions for configuring the settings on the fixture so that it will respond properly. If after that it still doesn’t work, then we can probably say that it’s an issue with the fixture or the LEDs inside it.

Additionally, I would highly recommend that you do some research on youtube about DMX and stage lighting, if you’re going to be working with lights and using Vista.
Try this series of videos: DMX Lighting Tutorial Part 1: What is DMX? | - YouTube
This youtube channel is great as well: How Do You Setup Basic DMX Lighting? - DMX 101 Tutorial - YouTube

Hope that helps!

Hi Drew -
Can we chat via phone? I downloaded the .CSV file but having a hard time opening it up. Then, when I do open the .CSV file there is no information. I can’t attach the .CSV file. I can’t stand Apple. Ugh.
You can see one of the lights is stuck on “Lime” or “Yellow.” I can change all the other lights on the color wheel with no problem. The “lime” or “yellow” light will change color too but have a base yellow or lime tint to it.

I did reach out to our dealer rep and he thinks its a bad LED bulb. He put a work order in with Chavuet.
Thank you for the tutorials. I’ve been using Vista for a year without any tutorials. Thanks for the providing those links.

Lights are Chauvet Ovation 910FC’s