JB Lighting P9 Fixture isn‘t working

I have the following problem. I downloaded the latest Vista 3 version today and then wanted to download the file from the JB Lighting P9 HP (from the official Vista Fixture downloader) and import it.
I imported the file and then tried to patch the P9, but the patching did not work for me. I could not assign a DMX address to the P9. Maybe someone of you has the same problem? I then tried to patch other fixtures, with all other fixtures the patching worked.
Has anyone of you ever experienced this bug?
Thanks for your help!

Hello Benjamin,
Not sure what you mean by “not working”. Could you attach some screenshots or a screen recording of the issue, perhaps?

I attempted to download and patch the fixture myself, however I ran into issues even importing the fixture profile at all. I got an error message saying that both imports failed. So my guess would be a potentially corrupted fixture profile? Or something like that.

If you have the fixture’s DMX information you could look at building your own profile for it if the other ones aren’t working. Or you could submit a fixture request to have one of the Vista team members work on the fixture profile.


I have had this issue for years but tech support was of no help. I have several fixtures that I created profiles for in V2 that I am unable to use in V3. Hopefully some day they’ll fix it!