Lights Moving/Changing after saving?

So, I’m new here, but been in AVL for some time, and I’m a bit befuddled and unable to troubleshoot easily beyond the software, but I’ve run into a very annoying problem…

You see, I work at a church, and every week, I program lights. And recently, after saving exactly what I wanted for my “movers” ( as we so endearingly call our moving lights), I go back through all of my saved cues, and I find that the lights aren’t in the same place as I programmed them to be. All things considered, It’s usually only a few feet off, but otherwise it seems the problem is really only exclusive to the gobo/wheel index/spin area of modification not acting at all like how they should…

I’m not sure as to whether its on the end of the moving lights or the software… As for everything in between, all we have is a usb out into a midi/dmx controller with a single fader for control that splits out for all the dmx outs straight to the lights.

Here’s to hoping that I’m not crazy,
The Kid

What make and model are your fixtures? Is it only one specific type?

It sounds like a fixture calibration issue to me.

Find out what DMX channel the gobo spin/rotation is and then press “view > add dockable window > DMX” and take a look at these channels. Make a note of the DMX value. Play some cues and then return back to this same cue later on. Is the DMX value the same? If so, Vista is correctly storing and recalling the correct information.

Also make sure your Live tab is cleared. If you have other values captured in Live it will override what you are seeing in your cues.