Trouble with Lights on Dimmer? (New To Vista)

We recently purchased vista for our Church lighting and we are having an issue with our house lights that our on a dimmer…They will at random times go from the desired % shoot all the way up to 100% then back down in a matter of about 1 sec…Is there a way to fix this issue…the company that installed couldn’t figure it out and we where not having this problem with our last lighting software (ETC that I hate)…any ideas?

do you have your house lights in a group on the fader or are they in a cuelist? does it only happen when you are changing features in another cuelist? what version are you running? try to provide more information so we can try and help.

Have you paid for a licensing USB dongle and is it plugged in and being recognized by the software? This is the behavior of the system when there is no license. It lets you demo the software but also does this periodic 100% to 0% thing so that you have to purchase a license to use in production.

This users problem is that it’s going to 100%, not to 0% so it has nothing to do with licensing.

Sounds to me as a dmx error but could also have to do with the rate of the dmx output.
(I had some issues with cheap led house lights going bonkers every 15 minutes until i pulled the dmx cable and i had new 15 minutes…)

There is a setting in the “user prefence” pane to change this under “playback”.

The default is 44. But for cheaper or older equipment 30 would be a number to try.
Don’t forget to set it back if it didn’t solve the issue

(Oh and also very basic, but did you check that your “highlight” isn’t on / hotkeyed when this happens?)

Also it is always good to check your cables.
Cables degrade (especially if it lays the same way for years) so it still could be a dmx error.