LED Strip Lights and Color Wheel

Newbie to Vista here. I am coming from the Lightkey App and was wondering about how Vista handles LED Strip lighting and the color wheel.

Let’s say I have a RGBWW, 5 channel light, that is using 10 channels of DMX for 16 bit dimming. In Lightkey, the color wheel has the ability to select and alter the whites on a separate slider, but shows up in the same color wheel so to speak.

How will Vista handle this? Will it intuitively change the white balance depending on what color is selected in the color wheel? Or will I have to change it somewhere else? Just trying to figure out the best way to patch and program.

LED’s are Moss branded, and I am going to be using City Theatrical 5 channel LED dimmers FWIW.

Yes, Vista will automatically handle the white automatically. (and the other colours).

If you want to adjust the actual DMX channels you can do this from within the “custom” section of the Color feature tab.

When creating your DMX chart in the Fixture Editor be sure to create the white channels as “Custom Color Mix” and not just “Custom Color”. If you do this, then the whites will be handled by the color map.

One caveat - I don’t believe Vista knows the difference between “White” and “Warm White”. Both of those channels will be set to the same White level. If that’s not the behavior you want, then create one or both of the “White” channels as a “Custom Color” instead of “Custom Color Mix” and you can control them manually with the custom tab as previously described.