network problems

I have a problem connecting an ethernet interface of 4 artnet universes. when selecting the port it asks me to restart because I made a change in the user preferences and when I start again I get 3 warnings: “the vista dmx distribution network could not initialised on porn 22125”, “the vista show control network could not initialised on port 2212”, “none of the 4 play back nodes connected! no output will be possible!”. Somebody could help me?


What OS are you using?

Those messages can appear if the background processes are 1) not running or 2) have not been shutdown correctly.

If you are on Windows: Close the application. Open the task manager and end any Vista related process that you see. Relaunch the application as an administrator. (Right click > “run as administrator”).

The same advice would be for MacOS. You could even restart your machine to close these processes, but make sure you don’t tick the “relaunch/reopen programs” option when pressing “shutdown”.

This should help you.
If you are still having issues, please submit an official support ticket.

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Hope this helps