Macro to shift events in Timeline

In every cuelist I add a transition at the end using a MIB cue but then I make a “manual MIB” on the actual transition cue (last cue of the cuelist) so that it looks really smooth. (Basically any lights that are on at the end of cuelist 1 but aren’t on at the start of cuelist 2 are in the manual MIB)
For the fixtures in the manual MIB, I shift all events except intensity to start at 2 and duration 1, then I shift intensity to start 0 duration 2 and intensity off.
I would love to be able to select the lights and tell the console to just shift the timing of the events and be done.

It’s similar to an extract but I want the information within the events (intensity, position, etc.) not to be recalled. Just recall WHERE the events are in the timeline.

I hope that makes sense.