Mib duration timing in cuelist settings

not sure if I need to put this here or in the “How do I…”.
As light designer for theatrical performances I’m normally using a the live timing a lot in 10 seconds or more,
But if I use the Mib functions these wil follow the live timing also. I would prefer the option to change this in the “quelist settings/timing” tab from live timing to a chosen MIB time per quelist.

I hope i made my self clear!


If im reading this correctly you want your Marks to be faster and not the follow the previous Q time

to do this when you mark a cue you can get vista to create you an MIB cue that you can set the time and when it triggers giving you custom control over your mark times !

See below, I hope this helps !


No not exactly,
it’s about the auto MIB mode in the cuelist, its a yellow mark instead of manual white MIB/Mark.

Strange thing is those Mib’s follow my live timing and not the previous cue timing.
i generally wan’t my MIB’s always in cut/zero seconds. And my live timing on what ever.

The funny thing is you can set the minimal cue time for Auto MIB to be activated but that has nothing to do with how long the movement wil actually take, it follows the live timing.

ps: I have a work around for this show. I have a manual live timing where the position live timing is zero and everything else is 10 seconds, but this makes it difficult to change positions presets smooth in live.

also the way the “add MIB/Mark cue” works is very clumsy for me by the way. I don’t think it’s bad but it isn’t working for me particularly.

I normally don’t have a lot of cues where my movers are off, so my “follow” cue is normally my “real cue” and the triggerd cue before it is a cue making a selection of movers go dark to be able to go to the next position in dark.