Propogating Cues

I’m sure I’m not doing something correctly here! I have a cuelist with multiple cues. I set a fixture color and it propogates through all the remain cues in the cuelist. I change the color in Cue 1, but the old color propogates in the remaining cues. I’m presently editing the timeline view and deleting the subsequent cue, but the old cue gets replicated so I have to delete it in each cue.

The other way of putting this would be to say I set up a cuelist with all the properties set in cue 1, but I’m only changing intensity in subsequent cues. How do I edit cue 1 such that it doesn’t affect any of the remaining cues?

It sounds like you have “Cue Only” enabled. I don’t remember where the default location of this option is, but I think it is assigned to one of the soft keys and can be accessed via one of the modifiers. I think it is also found under the “Tools” drop down menu.

Thank you! With your help I found a description of Cue Only Mode in the manual on page 148 and I think that is indeed what is happening. I’ll be on the desk tomorrow and try it out.

Glad to help. I have actually mapped “Cue Only” to the default level of soft keys as I often use it while programming and because it gives a visual indication when it is active.