Fade up with a flash

Hello, I have a group of lights (studio force II’s)
that are saved as cue 1. They are 100% intensity, red, and with a fade up time of 10 seconds. Using the same lights, I make cue 2, in blue, which is to be used as a flash. If I play cue 1, and then flash cue 2 half way through, then cue 1 jumps to 100% intensity. I am curious to know if there is any way of keeping the fade up of cue 1?
Thank you!

Not currently in a position to try this but I think you are going to have issues doing this all in the same list. My suggestion is to create a second list with the blue flash and trigger that either manually or with a command in cue 2.

Hi Ben,
Thanks for coming back to me on this. I realise now that I explained myself very badly! What I referred to as Cue 2 is actually a separate cue, and when I trigger it Cue 1 jumps from its fade to 100%. I was playing around with commands the other day, but I can’t remember if I tried this in this instance.

Check to make sure that there isn’t an intensity command in your second cue. Best way to do this is to switch to timeline view and look for intensity changes for that fixture. If there are any, select the fixture and clear intensity for the selected fixture.


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I would agree with what Ben has said. I have done similar things and it will require a second cuelist. On the second cuelist you will need to have your flash/intensity bump. Then you will need a second cue that will follow the first cue and has a release this cuelist command so that it is no longer contributing to intensity. (You could put the release command at the end of the first cue but it makes it difficult to make edits to the cue as it will release itself when you fire that cue)

Now you will probably want to change the release time of this second cuelist. While editing the second cuelist right click on one of the cuelist tiles and select ‘Cuelist Properties’ then click on the ‘Timing’ tab and change the Release Timing to what you need.

Back on the first cuelist, the second cue should have a command that triggers the second cuelist.

If you need the blue to continue to show then add the blue color to the second cue of the first cuelist and not the second cuelist or it will return to the red when the second cuelist is released.

Also, like drew said, make sure that in your first cuelist, the second cue does not have any intensity instructions for the lights you want to flash.

Hi everyone, thank you very much for your help on this. I have had a look at the second cue (the blue one) and everything is set to 0s. I have also tried to achieve the effect by inserting a command in the first cue (the red one) but this doesn’t seem to work. To recap, cuelist 1 consists of 1 cue which is red and fades up to 100% over 10s. This is on a slider on the EX console. The second cuelist is also a single cue, blue, and is used as a flash.This is on a separate slider. When I flash cuelist 2 as cuelist 1 is fading up, cuelist 1 jumps to 100% rather than continuing its fade.
Theisbr, thank you very much for your response, but I’m afraid that I was unable to understand what you were saying. Would you be able to explain it again, in such a way that a thicko such as myself could understand?
Thank you!

Have you got intensity events programmed in list 2 ? If so, delete them.

I think to achieve the desired effect, we need a separate cuelist with intensity, in which the color values will be 0, and in a cuelist with color intensity should not be.

Hello- are you saying that I would need a third cuelist, as I already have 2? In my second cuelist (the blue one) the intensity and colour values are set to 0.
Thank you

FlashTry.rar (2.3 MB)
Is this the effect you’re trying to get?
FlashTry.v3s (27.1 KB)

Hi Sergey, unfortunately I am unable to open this…

I don’t know how I can help you. The vista showfile doesn’t open either?

Ah- I haven’t tried that yet! I may not be able to check for a while,as the lights are all being used by a colleague at the moment. I will let you know! Thank you

Sounds like you have intensity events in the second cuelist. Go to the timeline and delete those events leaving only the Color info.

There are no intensity events in the second (blue) cuelist- intensity and colour are set to 0s. I have just noticed that the first cue (the red fade) only jumps to 100% after the blue cue has played if the blue cue has a release timing of 0s. If it has a release timing of 1s, then after the blue cue has played everything goes dark for 1s before the red cue continues with its fade. However, even with a release time of .1s, there is a very noticeable delay before the red fade continues.
Sorry Sergey, but I am unable to open your showfile…
Thank you

What version of Vista are you working on? What is the operating system on your computer? The fact is that only certain types of files can be attached to the Vista forum (allowed extensions: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, jvz, jv2, zip, rar, pdf, v3s, fix2, v3f). I have archived the video file in rar, but you can’t open it. Maybe try it in a different format?

In my opinion, to achieve this goal, there should be no intensity in a color cue, since these are the same devices for which 100% intensity is (by default) 100% of all colors. Therefore, Information with intensity should be in a separate cue.

HI Sergey, I am using Version 3 R3 and Windows 10. There is no intensity in the second cue (the blue one)…

Can you send me a showfile?

Hi Sergey, here is a show file…
fade up test.v3s (129.5 KB)