Fade adjustments for colors and pos

A very long shot question but:
Is it possible to change a fade curve of color or position without making an in between follow cue.

So for example if I have movinghead what is changing position between 2 cues but it goes over the audience. Is it possible to change the route easy without creating extra steps in between?

For color the same, the led fixtures we use go over purple if we fade from yellow to blue, is it possible to change that it gives less red/blue over a fade?
the other work around would be to change the curve of the rgb in the patch for that fixture but than we need to adjust/correct all colors everywhere for those fixtures

Never mind, I think 2 start cues is the easiest solution.
the first “start” cue has to be the alternate “in between” color/position with timing half of the original cue and 0 seconds delay
The second “start” cue should have a delay half of the original cue and also a fade time half of the original cue and this should also have the values of the original cue

(easiest is to create a new cue after the original cue, block it and make it a start cue, and then put a new start cue in between)

If there are faster / better ways I would be happy to hear

You could have a play with changing the fade times of the individual features in the timeline such as Pan or Tilt but in the end creating an extra cue may be the most straight forward option.

It’s not possible to change the fade time of only green of rgb ( or cyan with cmy for example ) right?

Or speed up the pan but not the tilt?

Because that would exactly solve my problem and would be awesome.
But as long as all values of the colors fade togheter troughout a cue fade it doesn’t solve anything to make custom timings because it wil still show the transition like it is now. Only faster or slower.

Yes it is. If you expand out the features in the timeline you can drill down to just green or pan. Press the + next to the feature

Yeah while using this view a lot I didn’t really noticed but i had found it for the project and it worked great, but it takes some effort to use with a lot of fixtures