How to change lights in multiple cues

Trying to find a way to change lights (intensity, zoom, etc) on multiple cues within the same cuelist without having to change on each one individually. control/command A doesnt seem to do it.

You can use “store part” and select/update multiple cues all at the same time.


Vista is a tracking console so unless you are making changes in each cue specifically, the data from the previous cue will “track” through.

I suggest the Remove Redundant Events tool to remove any duplicate data.

Just throwing options your way:

Another option that I’ve done (I wish this thread existed beforehand because it’s very similar to the store part method Jack.moorhouse suggests and in my opinion that way is better) open the cuelist you want to edit and highlight all the cues that need the change, and then select the lights that will have the changes done to them (I like using groups for this process). Make that change and then it will be done to every cue.

The tracking method is definitely a better way to go about changing things in multiple cues, but it kinda requires the operator to use it from the start. If an operator shows you their show file, it may or may not purposefully use the tracking method.