Mac OS Catalina compatability

I just read that Catalina will not support apps that are not 64 bit. Are V2 and V3 64 bit?


Vista on macOS has been 64 bit since around the Mountain Lion days. We therefore expect no issues with Catalina, but are yet to conduct official testing and give it an official stamp of approval.

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Do the developers of Vista know when Sentinel Runtime is going to be compatible with Catalina? From my experience so fair, Sentinel is not supported by MacOS Catalina.

Likely with the release of R3, but we don’t have an exact target date just yet.

In the meantime you can download the driver from Sentinel’s website.

I have R2 running on a Mac mini running Catalina, and have found it to be unstable. It will not stay open for more than 24 Hours. I am going to step back to Mojave. Has anyone else had the problem of R2 not staying open for more than 24 hours on any OS (Windows 10/or Mac) ?

could you link the file download for the correct version of Sentinel that is also compatible with Mac OS Catalina. I installed the file most similar to the attached image but it still said that it was incompatible

it’s the same file description (there are quite a few on that list so read carefully) but the date/version is newer than this post. I downloaded it recently and it works just fine. (V3, MBP)

I am struggling with the installUD512 driver. It will let me pick where the install goes and then this is what pops up.

cp: /private/var/folders/54/754p3tts7k52p5yvrtn1w2900000gn/T/AppTranslocation/920D888D-DAC6-4962-87EE-F0EA2506FEDC/ No such file or directory

I was able to figure out the sentinel through the link you posted however for some reason this driver is not working. Is is compatible to be downloaded for macOS Catalina?

Unsure what your problem is…we have the UD512 working on several production laptops (both macOS and Win10)…all the Mac’s are on Catalina

So I am not sure what the problem is, its like an error message that pops up when I try to download that driver. I’m not sure if it is a bit problem? or what but its saying something about no file found when I click install. But that error pops up every time I try to download it. I wiped the Mac so its factory reset and still have the problem.

This is the error that keeps popping up

that looks more like macOS privileges. Are you an ‘administrative’ user on the computer?

you could go build that folder manually in Finder first to be sure (possibly). If it won’t let you then I’d be looking @ permissions.

Yes, that appears to be a driver install issue due to not having admin rights for the installer. It could also be that Gatekeeper has blocked the UD512 installer. I would suggest googling how to disable Gatekeeper so you can install the driver, then you can re enable Gatekeeper once you have it up and running.

Hello, I am planning on attempting to download Vista R2 to my MacBook running Catalina. Once I download it, can I install R3 later once it is released?

Hello Grady,

Yes you can. This will be no problem at all.

I had to go searching for the Sentinel download since the link wasn’t working for me. So here is what I found and it’s now working:

Hopefully that’ll help someone else.

This link goes nowhere! Can you give a good link?

Sentinel changed their weblinks. The correct link is in the tech note on our website

The last official communication was in January, “We are hard at work”. Can we get a more recent update, and hopefully official support, particularly now that Apple has decided to continually warn people to upgrade? Thanks!

The previous update still stands. Software development is a tricky beast and sometimes when one thing gets fixed another is broken. Still trying to squash a couple of pesky bugs in the Mac builds.

The good news is that you can continue to use the technote to update the dongle driver in order to keep going in Catalina. The technote has been uploaded to the downloads section of the website and we try to keep an eye on the link in the doc to keep it updated.