Mac OS Ventura capability

I’m wondering if it’s safe for me to upgrade to Mac OS Ventura. Will all the components still work?

I am on Ventura and for me all the features i use work. It will probably be safe to upgrade

We expect no issues with Ventura.

I have an intel-MBPro that I’d upgraded to Ventura in January '23. Vista worked just fine.

Recently (tks to Apple “support”) had to wipe the SSD and re-install everything from scratch (said ‘no TM’).

today I get to Vista and the computer tells me the app cannot be scanned for malware and needs to be updated for this OS. Seems incongruent but looking for guidance/tks (otherwise it was perfectly fine on Ventura)

I’m on v13.3.1 fwiw.


ok so apparently I should have tried ‘help’…Ctrl-Click is the path against my ‘new’ security settings

Yeah just as a note for other Apple users…

Apple likes to make it difficult to install apps that aren’t easily confirmed as being “safe” software to install, but usually there’s a way around it. Depending on your version of MacOS there are different ways to get around these restrictions. For example, you may need to go to System Preferences and hunt around on the Privacy and Security page for an option to allow Vista to open anyway.

That said, in all my experience with Vista I have never really had issues installing it on Mac. I have installed it on many different machines and versions of MacOS over the years. Typically I don’t even have Apple security pop-ups like that, most of the time it has just allowed me to open the DMG file and move the Vista .app file to the Applications folder without issue.

Just an Apple user sharing his thoughts for anyone who might be interested.

Also a note to say that the Vista version on Mac is fully signed with the correct Apple security signatures.

(In other words, MacOS should know that Vista is safe to install. You may however have your Mac security on overdrive on your specific device. For example, set to install files only from the App store.)