Old versions of OSX broken in the newest release

Hi everyone
I have just upgraded from V3 R1 19088 to the latest R3 version. Upon installing this onto my desktop, which is an older Mac machine (running El Capitan) , it seems to force quit the software on startup. This is not a show machine, I just use it to make patches before loading shows onto desks and drive racks. I appreciate that V3 comes with minimum Mac specifications to handle processing and theoretically this desktop iMac doesn’t fall into those requirements, but it has handled V3 R1 perfectly well so far, so why the change.? If this has been implemented it would have been nice to have been detailed in the release notes.

Hi Pete,

R1 didn’t officially support El Capitan, this is why it isnt documented in R2. The release notes of R1did state Sierra and High Sierra. I suspect you just got lucky with EL Capitan.

With R2 we added the official stamp of approval for Mojave too.

I appreciate it was not officially supported,but it still works !,.but there is now code in the release to block the use of the software?. This is disappointing. I have 3 mac machines that are all perfectly capable and fast enough to run V3. All with SSD and 8gb plus of ram that are now obsolete. Even like I said previously for working out patches and layouts pre-show.

I suspect the reason why it worked in EC was due to an outdated USB driver package that had not been updated before R1 was released. This was an oversight and should have been updated beforehand which would have rendered R1 unusable in EC.