NewUD512 not working with Vista v2.3.17736 and Dongle

Running Vista 2.3.17736. Original UD512 cable had to be replaced and the new UD512 will not connect with the Existing Vista software. I have the software Dongle for the Version 2. Software and have tried to rescan for for usb devices. Documentation on the website indicates that the new UD512 cable will work with Vista v2+, but the documentation with the new cable says that Vista 3.0 has to be installed. New cable requires So the Vista UD512 installer will not open when I try and reinstall it. Will I have to update to 3.0,to make it work? If I update to 3.0 will it clear my saved shows, patch, etc…? Do not want to have to recreate existing shows just to use the new UD 512 adapter. Thank you for any help you can provide.

C. Woods

V3 will import your 2.3 show files (best practices outlined elsewhere in the forum).

We have multiple legacy consoles, new EX consoles and the dongle running on v3 just fine.

Note that the Sentinel driver included in the current v3 DMG doesn’t work on Catalina so you can download that directly - also outlined elsewhere in the forum (search for ‘Sentinel’)

To add to what Jack said and to answer your show file question. Yes, you do need to update to Vista 3 to use the new black cable UD512 devices. Your old show files in Vista 2 will open in Vista 3, you will not need to recreate anything.