Vista 2.3 on Catalina or Big Sur

How do I run Vista 2.3 on Catalina or Big Sur with an M1 console?

I don’t believe that Vista 2.3 is supported on Catalina or Big Sur, but I could be wrong.
Honestly, at this point there’s not much reason not to be using Vista 3. Most showfiles can be merged into the new software pretty easily. Plus, if you’re using a mac running Catalina or Big Sur, Vista 3 will likely run a lot smoother than Vista 2.

Exactly what Drew said!!! :arrow_up: :arrow_up: :arrow_up:

Update to Vista 3 - its FREE and fully supports the latest operating systems. Not to mention you get, literally, 100s of new features and improvements.

I agree and I’m looking forward to the improvements. It took me a few days but I have Vista 3 running at home on Catalina using a borrowed M1. My church is running Vista 2 on Mojave. I am verifying that Vista 3 will run on Catalina so I can recommend using it at church (I’m not the admin on that computer and can’t change it). It would be a huge problem if either Apple, Catalina, or Vista w/M1 had upgrade issues at church taking longer than Monday-Friday to solve. While I’m waiting, I still want to edit a Vista2 show on Catalina at home before I take it to church as I’ve been doing for years. I’ve had no issues even though I don’t have a dongle at home.

Vista 2 will have never been tested on Catalina or any of the more recent MacOS updates. It is too old.

Vista 3 is supported on Sierra through to Monterey (as far as we know. I actually did some testing on Monterey, which was released this week, today).

So to confirm, I would expect Vista 3 to work on Mojave.

Great! I’ll try it. I assume that both Vista 2 and Vista 3 can coexist on Mojave. Is there any issue with the M1? At home I had to make a test show with a cruelest using V3 and merge it with my V2 show to get the M1 to work with V3 when I upgraded.


I’m not so sure that Vista 2 and 3 can both coexist on the same OS. You’ll likely be able to run one, but when you go to open the other, it will have issues with the userdata folder, etc.

Often times, when upgrading from V2 to V3 there can be issues if you attempt to open the V2 showfile directly in V3. That could have been why it worked better for you to create a V3 show, then merge your V2 show into it.


Vista 2 and Vista 3 cannot coexist on MacOS. Mac overwrites the previous drivers which reanders the other version of Vista “unrunnable”.

Is there a way to load the V2 drivers after updating to V3 and later reloading V3? I need a just-in-case backup.


No, you have to reinstall Vista 2.3 and replace Vista 3. Can only have one installed at a time.