Vista V2 with M1 on Mojave

One of our customers has a Mac still on High Sierra running V2 w/ an M1.

They want to upgrade to Mojave so it’s a 2 part question:

  1. Will V2 work or do they need to upgrade that?
  2. IF V2 works, will the M1 be happier than the reports here of M1’s not staying visible to V3?

We sold our M1 a couple of years ago so I don’t have one to test with or I’d be doing this in house.
Tks Much

I know we already talked about this one but for everyone else, Vista 2 has not been officially tested on Mojave since that OSX release was after Vista 2.3 was discontinued (if there were any issues they wouldn’t be fixed since development has moved on to Vista 3). From the quick testing I have done it appears to work properly however I always advise others to test on their own systems as well.

As for the M1 working, most users with M1s that have upgraded have not had any issues with creating a new show file and merging in the data from the old show file. This creates a new instance of the M1 in the show and will allow it to connect more dependably.