Keypad wall switch

What is the best type of keypad wall switch for using with Vista?

Don’t know about “the best” but we use Lightronics SR516/616 master panels and AC1109 / APP01 / AF3107 remotes in many installations.

Overview…the Master panel (516/616) is a single universe DMX capture device. We typically locate this in the control booth of a church or theater. It can store 16 scenes and has 4 types of connections:

  1. DMX IN - this would come from your Vista universe and is used for scene capture and then when you are using Vista, overrides the entire panel system (yes, the remotes can be set to lockout w/ DMX input so the usher can’t turn the house lights on in the middle of a show)
  2. DMX OUT - this sends to your house dimmers and theatrical DMX fixtures. We typically use a DMX splitter here for a couple of reasons…typically your sending to multiple destinations and the DMX voltage output of the 516 panel seems to be slightly weak so running through a splitter mitigates this.
  3. Smart remote out - these are the multi-button or slider remote panels that you’d put in entry/egress locations. Note that there’s a recommended wire type for this (4 conductors required)…you CAN use ethernet cabling for short runs but you’ll be happier w/ the thicker gauge wire.
  4. Relay remote out - this is for the APP01 which basically looks like a light switch to the user but is triggering a certain scene - useful for “I just need. to walk in the room and turn on the house lights” for housekeeping or whatever.

We’ve put in quite a few of these systems and only had one panel ever fail…and the mfg sent one out quickly. We use this system in our own main warehouse to run some ChromaQ Inspire fixtures and other DMX lights. Been in place almost 5 years and works perfectly. We have the normal “hey turn things on” but also a 10% brightness for nighttime so the security cameras can see.

Hope this helps. We came across this system maybe 7 years ago and have never looked for anything else since.

Thanks so much !

Brian Row

Technical Director

Hillcrest Baptist Church


Certainly - holler if you need help on something like this. has how to find us/Andrew