No DMX Output on Imported Show

I am opening a show created on another (windows) computer. However, when I open the show on my mac running the same M1 and 128 channel dongle, the lights don’t respond to DMX commands. If I create a new show and merge the file, same results. However, I have control if I make a new show and patch the fixtures.

Troubleshooting steps I have taken:

  • Connected/verified the universes
  • Checked to make sure GM wasn’t at zero
  • Checked to make sure a fader on the M1 wasn’t affecting a fixture group
  • Fixtures are simple, one channel dimmers, and work if patched in a new show file
  • Rebooted
  • Reinstalled Vista
  • Unplugged and plugged in the M1 while vista was running
  • I may have done more, but I can’t think of everything right now.

What else could I have missed?

I am not sure.
Feel free to submit an official support ticket. It’s much easier for us to help you there.

Please attach a copy of your none working showfile. In addition, please take a screenshot of the none working and working “connect universes” window.


I did submit a support ticket last week but never heard anything.

@patrickmt how did you submit the support request, through the webform or by emailing Were you emailed back with a VSR-XXXX ticket ID? If so, what was this?

From a quick search I can’t find anything from “patrick”. Feel free to resubmit using the webform. Generally speaking we always reply within 24 hours, often within just a few.

No, I used which gave me an auto-reply that said “Your message has been forwarded to Chroma-Q but this address will be closed in the future.” I’ll send another email using the correct email address.

When you move shows between machines it will create new instances of your console surfaces. Check to make sure your universes are connected to the console surface that shows is physically connected in the Connect Universes Window. I expect you need to assign the universes to the now connected console.

If that fails, disconnect the M1 and delete all instances of it from the show. Then reconnect the console, once connected and running check the DMX connections again to reassign the outputs.