DMX output

A piece of software (madmapper) connected to vista3 needs specific DMX inputs. What would folks recommend to do?

A thought was to make a generic dimmer fixture and assign it to whatever DMX address is needed.

I experimented with something similar to this in the past and that’s what I did. I created a dimmer, labeled it ProPresenter, put it on its own universe and outputted it over ArtNet to my ProPresenter computer. I think I made some presets based on exact DMX values and then just added those into cues as needed.

One thing to be careful of is how the other software receives triggers. Is it only on value changed, or is it every second? If so, you may have to reset the fixture back to zero after every cue. I don’t have any experience with madmapper, so I don’t know how that software will react.

I think there are actually a couple of fixture profiles in the library that are designed to be used with video mapping softwares but I have not done any work with them. Alternatively you may be able to use the fixture profile editor to create a custom fixture for what you need.


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Got it thank you!

For this fixture, can it be set to use it’s own timings? I see that timings can be set for all fixtures by selecting the live timings, however can this particular fixture be set to use a certain timing and have the rest of the fixtures have a different timing?

If it can be done, this fixture would have a 0s time and all other fixtures would have a 2s(or live) time.
The issue I’m experiencing is that this “fixture” will receive a DMX command, and VISTA will fade to that setting. For example if the intended end result is DMX Address 20, Vista will fade from 0 to 20, hitting every DMX value up to 20. The fixture responds to these values showing different content.

So it depends on how you’re programming. When making changes in live, then all fixtures will use the live time set in the top menu bar area. But if you’re programming cues in a cuelist, then changes will follow the fade time for each cue as specified when editing the cuelist.

If you’re programming in a cuelist, then you can switch from the Fixture Chooser window to the Timeline window and can customize those fade times on a per fixture basis. That’s how you can set the timing for that fixture to always be 0s.

I think there might be a way to customize live timing on a per fixture or per feature type basis, but that would be a question for someone like @jack.moorhouse, who knows even more about that kind of stuff than me :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!

Gobowheels and colorwheels use a 0s timing, both in cues and when in the programmer using livetime.
The solution is therefore to create your profile channels as “custom gobowheel” channels. Vista will then know what to do automatically.

This is how we deal with most factory profiles too. For example (Which is a GreenHippo)

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I gave this a shot (programming the scene selection as a custom gobowheel and set the type to customgobo parameter) and it worked! Thanks!