How to set up stream deck to trigger stuff

When you open Streamdeck you assign “multi action” to a button.

You then double click the multi action to assign actions.
The actions I use are “hotkeys” which are keyboard strokes.

We then type command strings line by line.
The bellow screenshot would be “snapshot 201 Enter”

To trigger a cuelist I would use the jump command.

“jump list 2 cue 5 enter” would be the command string “JW2Q5 Enter”

I would advise putting a “ALT + BACKSPACE” command at the top of the command string. This ensures the command line is clear for the command ahead.


A Streamdeck multi action script example to play an exact cue (using Vista’s JUMP feature).

Snap 2020-01-22 at 14.19.26

A Streamdeck multi action script example to act as a PLAY button on a specified list (using Vista’s “space bar acts as play” feature)

Snap 2020-01-22 at 14.20.43

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