Command Line plays cues

So I was playing with a Stream Deck device trying to figure out a way to make it work with Vista. Since it can play custom texts I was thinking I could program it to play specific Cues via the Command Line. But the Command Line does not allow playing cues. I think there needs to be a way to say Cuelist 2 Cue 1 Go and on the enter it would fire that Cue.

If this is already possible, what am I missing to be able to do that?

Hi David,

it is already possible. JUMP is the command that will make this happen.

In your example the command string would be “JW2Q1[enter]”

Could you program such a string directly within StreamDeck? I’d be interested to hear how you get on.


Great Jack!!! That worked perfectly!

On the StreamDeck- I put a Text command (under System in the menu) and entered the text Jumping into the cuelist to the desired cue and told it to hit enter after the command and when I’m in the Vista App, I hit that button on the SD and it fired instantly. So now I have 15 more buttons. Unfortunately it just jumps to that one specific cue but it’s better than nothing. I would still prefer a Go button so that I can fire through an entire cuelist but this will help with me wanting more buttons than my S1 provides. I can also put presets on there for a quick CYA look, or build Extracts with FX in them to fire a quick FX. But being able to put any Command Line feature on there is nice.

Hello David,

I am afraid I am not familiar with the workings of StreamDeck, other than knowing what it is. I was speaking to someone who had one the other week who was telling me that strings such as “JW2Q1[enter]” were not possible directly within the SD software. He was obviously mistaken if you tell me its pretty easy, which is great to hear.

You can set up folders/pages too right? so you could expand out to more than 15 buttons if you wanted to ?

You could make the SD function how you would like it to with cuelists but it would take a small amount of extra programming within Vista.

  • Create a new empty cuelist (lets pretend this is list 101) with a empty single cue

  • Insert a command into this cue to “Play List X”

  • Change your SD command to be “JW101Q1[Enter]”

You will now always jump to this single cue but Vista will interpret it as separate go button presses for your real cuelist.