Use a USB presentation clicker for Next Cue

We’d really like to be able to use a USB presentation “clicker” to advance to the next/previous cue, mostly whilst programming and during rehearsals.

So that Next maps to Spacebar and Previous maps to Ctrl+Spacebar.

Are you working with Vista software only - no Vista playback hardware?

If your cuelist is selected as the “default cuelist” (or the cuelist is open in the editor) then those keyboard shortcuts will work exactly as you describe.

The only thing left to do would be to map those shortcuts to your presentation clicker (if possible)?

When were plotting and rehearsing, we don’t bring the hardware downstairs to the stalls area, we simply run Vista on a Windows laptop with the U512 and channel dongle.

So yes those are the keyboard shortcuts that we use. However connecting a presentation clicker to the laptop does nothing. Could you add the ability for Vista to recognise the input?

(The clicker works perfectly on that and every other computer we have, it’s down to the individual software applications to recognise that as a valid input).

No, we won’t be adding any third-party proprietary drivers for things like presentation clickers.

If you want a cheap and cheerful USB buttons that you can use in the stalls I would reccomend purchasing something like a StreamDeck Mini

Vista will recognise this as keyboard shortcuts. Or even things like Midi / MSC.

Another option here might be some sort of automation software similar to Keyboard Maestro (which is only for Mac). I’m sure something similar exists for Windows and could be used to recognize the presentation clicker input and then activate the proper keyboard shortcut in Vista.