Jump command with timing? (or other way to get to a cue in short time through keyboard commands?)

Does anyone have thoughts/ideas on how to jump to a cue with certain timing?
An external controller has been programmed to use keyboard commands to do things. One of the things it does is fire a cue out of sequence. As it stands, it uses the following keys, ‘J’ ‘W’ ‘#’ ‘Q’ ‘#’ ‘Return’. The command jumps to a certain cue and uses that cue’s timing. Is there a way to go to an out of sequence cue using live timing (or using a manually entered time)?

The general idea is for someone to push a button to go to a cue. Some of the cues have long timings, so it’d be convenient for the button to somehow override that timing.

There isn’t currently a way to jump to a cue using live time using the CMD. You could however achieve it like this:

Create a new single cue cuelist (say list 10 cue 1).
Insert a command to jump to your desired cue list / cue in live time.
Trigger list 10 cue 1 from you external controller as you have been doing.

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I went through the same line of thought as you Ithilome! What Jack pointed out is the way to go, though. If you’re more of a visual learner, there are some YouTube videos that walk through triggering specific cues within a cuelist from a single button, using that command feature. I’m not associated with them in anyway, so I don’t feel bad linking to it :smiley: Vista V3 Tutorials - 2 Busking With FX - PART 1 - YouTube