High End Lonestar can not spin GOBO

Using The High End Systems provided patch template I can not properly control gobo spin, I can rotate it, but it spins the wheel not the gobo. Is this an error on my part or the template

Neither most likely.

High End Systems seem to insist on using conext channels for pretty much everything. Vista does not currently support the use of these, so you have to do some extra work to change slot and wheel rotation modes.

Use the attached fixture, if you are not already.
Lonestar standard.v3f (9.3 KB)

To change from index to forward or backwards rotate you need to manually select the wheel or slot rotation mode:

Once you have selected this mode you can then use either:
Gobo index:

Wheel index:

(depending on which one you want to affect of course).

Forget the Vista “spin” sliders. The Lonestar does not work like this.

The same applies to color wheel.
Select “color wheel mode” and use the Vista “index” slider.

Thank You for the reply.
Unfortunately my display has a different set of choices
The rotating gobo slot mode does not exist.
I am using the most recent Lonestar standard and the current version of vista.
Vista shows a 14:Gobo Index Rotate mode in index it does not modify address 14
it only effects channels 15.16. Again Thanks for the help

Did you download and patch the fixture in my original post? This is a custom fixture that I created.