Fixture Editor. What am I missing?

I’m trying to troubleshoot a profile that I made, and to better understand it, I tried opening a similar light with similar features in the fixture editor.

Here’s the DMX Chart of a Varilite VLZ Profile:

And here’s the Vista Profile of that light:

Why is there no DMX channel 21? All of the modes listed should be channel 21. How are they referencing 21 without having 21 listed?? I assume there’s something in the Mode DMX Channel on the side, but where is it referenced? How does it know to go to 21?

Here’s another:

Gobo Wheel 2 uses channel 27 as the control. But how does it know where to get those controls? You see that there’s no channel 27 listed… but it knows somehow. What don’t I see?

Firstly, thanks for taking a look at the fixture editor and posting your question :slight_smile:

Vista does not support “conext” mode channels. Therefore the profile that you are looking at is simply incomplete. You would need to add these channels and ranges as Custom gobo wheel modes.