i have a problem with the fixture high end SOLAFRAME 1000
Ii doesn’t work correctly with Vista.
Modify the fixture editor is real headache.
Can you help me?

Would you like to test the attached.

Color wheel 1

For wheel spin you need to select your spin mode using channel 10 “static color function”. Once you have selected this mode you can use the “index” slider to move through the 0-255 range.

A similar thing happens for the other wheels.

Gobo wheel 1

Wheel rotation - select your rotation mode using channel 12 “gobo 1 wheel function” and then adjust the 0-255 range using the “wheel index” slider

Gobo wheel 2

Wheel rotation. Same thing - Set your wheel rotate function on channel 14 and then use the “wheel index” slider to move between 0 and 255

Gobo 2 slot rotate - select your slot rotate mode using channel 16"gobo 2 slot rotation function" and then adjust the 0-255 range using the “gobo index” slider


I had to remove the Vista gobo wheel for this.
Prism is now controlled through the Custom RAW DMX browser

Select your prism function mode on channel 30 and then adjust the 16bit rotation value on channel 31


I have no idea why HighEnd are the only people that invert their CMY ranges. If you are not getting any light output, try and move the CMY channels.

You may also want to try the “copy”, this has the inverted CMY on the color picker.

Let me know how you get on.
solaframe 1000.v3f (9.4 KB)
solaframe 1000 - copy.v3f (9.5 KB)