Rogue R1X gobo rotation

Hey y’all, (hopefully) quick question. I have 4 Chauvet Rogue R1X spots in my rig. Whenever I switch either of their gobo wheels from index mode to spin mode, they default to the gobo bouncing back and forth instead of being static or rotating slowly. I’ve tried changing their home position, and have looked at the custom DMX values while doing so. It may just be that a transform is needed, I just don’t know where, and was hoping one of y’all would have an answer. Thank you!
edit it does this whenever I set the rotation speed to 0, but rotation speed 1 or -1 look normal

Hi Jonathan,

Welcome to the forum !

I have a bad news / good news sandwich :hamburger: for you:

Bad news - it’s a fixture profile issue.
Good news - the profile is easily fixed. We can stop it bouncing.
Bad news - the fixture itself is physically incapable of stopping its slot rotation.

Let’s take a look at the DMX firmware of the gobo slot rotate channel:

Personally, I think it’s crazy that Chauvet do not have a gobo slot “stop spin” feature on some of their fixtures.I would be of the opinion that it is a fundamental part of a lighting designers toolkit that is missing.

So to clarify, you are never going to be able to spin a gobo slot at speed and then stop it at its current position. Your options are currently 1) “stop” to the slowest clockwise rotation (this might look OK if it is super slow) or 2) stop to an “indexed” value, but this would result in a stop spin and then a very quick rotation/recalculation to the indexed value… which would look even worse!

Vista expects a “stop spin” DMX range. The error in our automatic fixture import process is that it is assuming the “bounce effect” is the stopped range, because it expects a third rotation slot range.

Experience tells me that this issue plagues the entire Rogue series of fixtures ( I even just checked the DMX chart of the new Rogue Outcast).

The solution I would recommend is:

  1. Contact Chauvet and request new DMX firmware to be released for the Rogue family of spots with rotating gobo wheel. You will then need to upload this firmware to all of your units.

Take a look at the Silens rotation channel, this is what you should expect.

They can still keep the bounce, they just need to add that “stop” range explicitly.

  1. Once the firmware (and DMX charts) are produced we (and our library supplier) can update our data to match and fix every single Rogue profile in one go.

Feel free to share this post with the Chauvet fixture development team. They (or you) can also contact me directly on should they have any questions. I would be more than happy to help. I too would love to solve this complaint from Chauvet users once and for all.



I just submitted a service request to Chauvet for this firmware fix. I would ask that all of you having this issue do the same so they see a need to get this done. Thanks Jack and everybody else! You guys are awesome.