Martin Rush MH7

Hi All,

I am really keen to hear from anyone using the Martin Rush MH7’s as I am having an issue with the fixture file for them. The default fixture profile in Vista has the wrong Gobo parameters for Wheel 2 where the icons in vista software don’t match what is displayed in real life. I have an edited fixture profile to correct this but I have another issue where the intensity does not work correctly. When programming the intensity to be 0-100 on the fader the intensity of the actual light output reaches 100% when the fader is only at 50% does anyone else get this issue?

(Just a hunch) but It sounds like the fixture has 8 bit dimming but the profile had 16 bit so it getting to max at 50% ? Check the fixture personality in the editor

Or the dimming is just not very good on those units but what you describe sounds a bit extreme

Thanks for the info, I will look into that.

Hi Robert,

I had a look at the fixture profile in the editor and the 1st Channel is Intensity 0-255 and the 2nd Channel is Fine Intensity 0-655535, according to the Manual for the MH7’s this is correct. However when I change the Fine Intensity to 0-32768 the fader then operates the intensity correctly, is there something I am missing here as to why I have to change the DMX chart for it to operate the intensity correctly?

I don’t know the specifics of that mover but it sounds like it has an 8bit mode? Check the fixture itself might have an option in one of it’s menus like “smooth dimming” etc

Shoot an email over to I did make an edit to that profile to fix some of those oddities.

i have 2 on a v3 system and it works fine

Hi Tim,

Can you please check that on gobo wheel 2 when selecting the gobo images on the wheel in the V3 software that the proper position of the physical wheel is correct and displays the actual Gino image as selected. Also can you confirm that when you set 100% intensity on a fader that when you start bringing the fader down you get immediate dimming from 100% to 0 not delayed from around the 60% mark to 0. This is most noticeable when programmed in a cuelist with other lights set to 100% intensity so when you bring the fader up with all fixtures intensity set to go to 100% over 2 secs in a cue the MH7s achieve 100% intensity noticeably sooner than the other fixtures. Let me know how you go.

Hi i only just saw this!

yea all the gobos are as they should be!