Free Basepoint FX clunky assert and release for busking

I have a cuelist with a bunch of different position FX, all set to free - don’t use own basepoint. I set positions live using presets, and then run the FX cuelist over the top. It almost works as expected, but there’s a few things I’d like to cleanup.
Firstly when releasing a free effect not using it’s own basepoint, the effect doesn’t release nicely, instead snapping back to the live position. To get around this i use a FX size fader, and fade it to 0 before releasing the cue. Is there a way to get a free effect to release smoothly back to the live position without manually fading the size every time?
And secondly the programmed FX for each cue only seem to update when the cuelist isn’t running, and then the cue is played directly from the playback control (ie jump directly to desired cue/FX). If i use the play button to skip through cues, it doesn’t update the FX, just runs whatever was in the first cue. Again I’ve found a work around, but surely I’m missing something with the way the cuelist is programmed? again note all free fx without own basepoint, they update correctly if they’re bound (but this isn’t how i want to op)
thanks heaps for your time

HI Greg,

It sounds like you would benefit from an official developer response.
Can you submit a support ticket, along with your showfile, and we will answer from there :slight_smile:


Go with the developer response of course :ok_hand:

For the first question where FX suddenly release, I’ve encountered that. A workaround I’ve found is that if I enter stealth mode and release the FX it’ll use the custom live timing (which is typically 2s for me). Its also a decent eay for entering FX gradually.