Bug?: Flash over running FX R4 Build 1679

I have 4 4-Bar fixtures with a intensity Wave running on Cuelist 1, that has been triggered by a jump in live command. Then i have Cuelist 2 with two of the 4-Bars on 100% to flash over the running FX. All cues have fadetime 0 and all cuelist have releasetime 0.
If i hit Flash the two Fixtures turn 100% and the FX is still visible on the other two.
If i let go while i use a livetime of 0 the Flash stops and the FX keeps on running as if nothing happend. (As i would expect)
If i have a livetime higher then 0 the Flash cue still releases in 0 time but the fixtures jump to 50% and fade out from there, while the FX jumps to its starting position, the Rate seems to be set to 0 and fades up from there. The FX cue doas not actualy start from the begining.

Maybe someone is capable of reproducing this behavior or knows a solution. If you need more info ask and i will share.

I created a third cuelist with two cues to step trough (cuelist restarts and has priority high) in each cue 2 of the 4-Bars are at 100% while the others have no information. the second cue is the same thing in reverse. I have set the FX to any basepoint. If i start the cuelist 3 over the FX, each cue doas not show any change when played for the first time, after that it works as expected.