Busking FX ideas and some other things :)

This has probably already been asked for but …

  1. it would be nice to be able to have a swing FX that you can add or minus a percentage as a step for any parameter
    it takes whatever is the output value is as the base point so it dose not matter if its coming from a cue or live, then applies the FX on top of it, so if it was a colour wheel you could flick between 2 slots but making the steps +5% and -5% but it would switch between what ever slot was the current output and the next slot along if that makes sense ?

  2. it would me nice to have a speed Drop down for Gif Video fx so you can have 1/2 speed or 2x speed so you can get it working well with a rate master at the moment any GIF file is way too fast in conjunction with other FX

3.Could there be a an option to re assert a cue list on flash ?

4.In the open cue list menu it would be nice to be able have a filter that includes lists with commands in them also add something that denotes command to the IPCGBM list as i often use Cues with Just commands as triggers etc

  1. When you flash a group or Cue list i would like an option for it to respect the up/down time of my live timing fader so if my live time is set to 0/1 my group would flah on but decay over 1 second,

  2. on from the last one, now snapshots can store Live time could there be an option for it to capture the up time and down time separately ? similar to how you can store just pan or tilt in a position preset ?

  3. could a snapshot store a selection sort and Fan ? so i can go strait to Odd/even or 1 in 3 without having to go to the drop down menu at the top and scroll through ( this one is very lazy but i use sorts allot when busking and programming in general)

  4. A “cue rate fader” or option for triggering a cue over Live time or the rate on the “cue rate fader” attached to the List


(1) + million. This would make my life MUCH simpler. I would suggest extending this concept not only with FX but for values as general. Give us more relativity! :slight_smile:
(2) +1. I think this is a good point not only for gifs but for anything that has some tempo. Fast shortcuts for 2x / 1/2 tempo what can be assigned to buttons or whatever makes sense to assign for.
(4) +1. Yeah, a smart search tool that could search views and windows that we have a focus on would be a great improvement with an easy access on some key double tap (not those cmd/ctrl + f + shift + omg). (Just for reference I love like IntelliJ products search features feels and behaves).
(5) +1. It’s like having the live tab flexibility + well-defined playback features together. A great thing to have.
(6-7) +1. If I get this right that the whole snapshot intention is to capture a state of some bigger picture you have created. Well, these points really make sense.
(8) Uhh… this is a mysterious one to me.

Also, you have a feature/bug in this editor.

the output of this:
1. one
4. four
8. eight

is like:

  1. one
  2. four
  3. eight

My cue rate idea, is simply a way to play can a cue at the time of my choosing in live rather than the set time of the actual cue

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