Way to "freeze" all FX temporarily

Hi all,
Im looking for a way to create a way where I can freeze all FX in my Show (Color, Position, FX, etc) for a short break and after release return to the previous state. I really like that effect to “flash freeze” all FX to the beat or at certain events on the Stage.
I like to have different speed Masters for my different FX types and I know that I can assign a button on the console to “Temp Zero Size” for each of that FX-Master.

Due to the lack of Fader’s on my console I have to keep the FX-Speed Masters on a different page of the console and im to slow to switch the page and press all the buttons at the same time (as there are multiple speed faders I also have to use multiple buttons to freeze all) to get a short “freeze” Effect on the Stage.

Best Case would be to get this done with a cuelist so I can trigger it via my MIDI Launchpad.

What I tried so far:

  • Create Cuelist with highest priority and create a FX for each type with the size 0 and played around with the Basepoint Settings. But I was never able to get the current stage look freezed as each effect created an own “start-point” and freezed that one.
  • Insert command into Cuelist but didn’t found a suitable command for my goal
  • Snapshots. I know I can save FX Master values in a Snapshot but didn’t found a way to “revert”/release a snapshot so I get the state of the Values back as soon as I want.

I also thought about using FX-Size instead of FX Speed for that, but as i always want the Full-Size for ColorFX but not always the full Size for Position-FXs i also would need to have multiple Size Masters and the same problem comes up.

All my FX are organised in Cuelists, I have cuelist a cuelist for all ColorFX, one for all Intensity FX and so one.

Do I miss something? Is there another way to achieve what I want?


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I have to admit, I’m stumped on this one dude. You have quite an interesting ask and although I’m often able to provide some suggestions for these, I don’t know what to tell you XD.

My only thought would be if there was a way to add FX Master commands into cuelists, such as the “temp zero size” button being able to be put into a cuelist. Then you could hook it up with midi as desired.

Kudos to you, I guess, for coming up with quite a challenge for any Vista nerd to attempt to conquer.


Hi Drew,
The control via midi would be the best case but if there’s another way without midi that would be still better than the current state.
But I didn’t find any other solution to temp zero the FX speed than via the button on a console.

Even via CLI-Commands I didn’t find something to accomplish (if there was away via clinic coule write a macro with a third party Software).

So I would be happy to get any idea to change the FX master speed without the console buttons/faders.


Sorry for pinging, but i know you have a lot of Vista Knowledge
@jack.moorhouse @ben.coleman @Robert_Price .

Do you have any ideas for me?

@Simon - does an FX master rate of 0BPM work for you?
Do you use FX master button action “reset” (to tapped rate) ?
You’d tap the tempo.
“Pause” by setting the rate to 0
“reset” back to the tapped rate when ready.

Hi Jack,
FX Master rate of 0BPM works for me (I guess the FX Master Button “(Temp) Zero Rate” does nothing else?).
Right now I have the FX Masters on a fader and control the BPM via the Fader not by tapping. But if there would be a solution by tapping I would be open for that.

That would be the behaviour that I want but for all FX Types and having multiple FX Masters.

My wish would be I have all my Speed Masters on Page 2 of my console (as I have to less Faders to keep them on Page 1.
Every time I just want to change the speed, I switch to page 2 and adjust the speed for one or multiple FX Masters.
Additionally there’s a Button for me that I can press and as long as im holding it all my FXs freeze and after releasing the Button the FX will continue.
With that I can create (I think) cool dynamics while busking a show. And there has to be a button on as its to slow to change pages and press the multiple buttons (for each FX Master) to Temp Zero Rate at the same time.
Best case would be if the “Button” could be mapped to a MIDI device but it would also be fine if that has to be on the Console or via touch Screen.

I hope that make sense and you got what im trying to achieve.


Temp zero rate is zero while you hold it. Then it returns to whatever it was before.
Zero is permanent, until you reset it back to tapped rate.
See this video (not on faders at all)

How many FX masters are you typically working with?

Can you upload your showfile?

I usually use 3-4 FX masters depending on the fixtures I have.
I think there is a misunderstanding what I’m trying to do.

Let’s say I have a show with 4 FX Masters.
Right know I assign a button on my console with the Temp zero rate function for each of the 4 FX Masters.
To create this short Freeze-Effect I want I press all 4 buttons at the same time as long as I want the freeze to last.
That’s the effect I want and how it works.

Now I’m basically try to achieve the same output with just one button to press instead of the 4.

You could use a FX master snapshot to set the rate to be 0, with a single press.

There is however no FX master snapshot to reset back to the previously tapped rate (but you could use a snapshot to return all four to another tempo, for example, slow, medium or fast).