Some FX suggestions

Option to Force no base point FX to take base point from Live and not cue tracking

Quick way to update fx steps from live ( via macro or Purpose built function )

blocking repeats and offset + stagger and overlap + waveform on encoders

Reference FX templates ( if you update the template it will update that effect in all cuelists its programmed into like a preset )

global fx templates - fixture type templates - fixture selection templates

one shot FX - One shot Button that you drag and drop onto a console, when pressed it will fire an fx in a cue the number of loops you define in the fx editor, this way it can act like a normal FX or a one shot !

Draw your own Matrix patterns more direction choices

be able to define point of origin of matrix FX by touching the screen and having multiple origin points that cycle in the order you touch the screen,

One Shot effects would be amazing. +1