Busking base point problem

I Am working on live busking setup and I can figure out how position effects without base points works. Each time I try to make a position effect without a base point I check the little box “free”. Then the effect closed and nothing is stored.


Because nothing else is running underneath it. You have no basepoint.

Make list 1 cue 1 with position A.
Play this.
Next make list 2 cue 1 with your FX and a base position of B.
When you no set this to be no basepoint you will see that it changes from position B to A.

I tried this and it still dose not work

I promise it does :stuck_out_tongue:
Tick both “free” and “dont use own basepoint”

(with the other list still playing in the background)

If your base is coming from the programmer you will also need to make your FX cuelist “programmer” priority.

I did do that but is doesn’t work it and I don’t know why

This might help

This tutorial will show you how i use position free FX around variable basepoints i use presets as basepoints in live but you could have them stored in cuelists too

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