Fixture Definition

We have just received some LED RGBW PAR Wash lights that don’t appear in the factory fixture library. I’m attempting to create my own fixture definition, but the DMX channel allocation is a bit strange:

1 - RGB Dimming
2 - Strobe
3 - Special Function
4 - Function Speed
5 - Red (Dim on Intensity)
6 - Green (Dim on Intensity)
7 - Blue (Dim on Intensity)
8 - White (Dim on Intensity

The bit that throws me is channel 1. It seems to work as a master dimmer. In order to get the RGBW lights to work as expected, channel 1 needs to be 100%. I’ve not seen this before and don’t see a lot of use for a master dimmer function. Can I create a fixture definition that keeps that channel on without having to bring it up either live or in a cue? Would a Lamp On macro work?

I think it’s just a confusing DMX chart explanation (which is pretty normal to be honest).
There doesn’t look to be anything out of the ordinary here.
The channel definitions will be:

1 -Intensity (default 0)
2 - Strobe (default 0)
3 - Custom misc (default 0)
4 - Custom misc (default 0)
5 - Color mix Red (default 255)
6 - Color mix Green (default 255)
7 - Color mix Blue (default 255)
8 - Custmom color mix 1 White (default 255)

Fixture attached for you if you would like to give it a try.
LED Par RGBW 8CH.v3f (2.3 KB)


Your definition worked perfectly. Thank you.

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